Architectural Fees

Determining architect or designer fees can be challenging, especially when there isn’t a specific design brief in place. Many architects traditionally charge architectural fees percentage of the total project cost. For example, if your project is estimated at £500,000, the architect may charge around 15% for a full service, resulting in an architectural fee of £75,000. However, this approach may not incentivise architects to develop the most cost-effective design that meets your requirements.

At Carter Designs, we believe in a different approach. We understand that each project is unique, with its own set of requirements and budget considerations. That’s why we offer a personalised architectural fee structure that ensures our services are tailored to suit your specific needs.

Assessment and Individualised Quotation

To begin the process, we will schedule an initial meeting with you, completely free of charge. During this consultation, we will assess your project in detail, discussing your vision, goals, and any specific challenges or constraints you may have. By gaining a thorough understanding of your project, we can provide an accurate and transparent architectural fees quotation that reflects the work required.

Competitive and Transparent Architectural Fees 

At Carter Designs, we take pride in offering competitive fees that provide exceptional value for the services we provide. Our architectural fees typically starts at around £1200 for planning applications on small extensions. It’s important to note that if you are seeking architectural services for just a few hundred pounds, we may not be the right fit for your needs. We believe in delivering a comprehensive design service that goes beyond producing generic drawings.

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Time-Based Architectural Fees for Cost-Effective Design

Rather than charging based on a percentage of the project cost, we determine our fees based on the time it will take us as a business to complete the necessary work. This approach ensures that our quotation is fair and aligns with your project’s scope and complexity. We aim to develop a cost-effective design that maximises value while meeting your requirements.

Thoughtful Architectural Design for Your Unique Requirements

Our focus is on creating thoughtful architectural designs that truly meet your needs. We understand that architecture is not just about aesthetics but also about functionality and practicality. Our team of experienced architects and designers will collaborate closely with you, incorporating your specific requirements and preferences into the design process. We strive to deliver spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and tailored to your lifestyle or business needs.

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When you choose Carter Designs, you can expect a professional and dedicated approach to architectural design. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide you with a design that enhances your living or working environment.

Contact us today to schedule your free initial consultation and discover how we can bring your architectural vision to life.