Designing the Perfect Extension Part 1

Designing the Perfect Extension: part 1


Are you looking to design the perfect extension to your home in Harrogate, Kent or London? Discover expert advice from local architecture firms near you on designing a seamlessly blended extension that harmonises with your existing structure. Achieve the perfect balance between old and new with these tips and tricks:

Tip 1: Understand the Existing Architecture:

Gain insights into the architectural style of your home in Harrogate, Kent or London. Consider its unique features, materials, and design elements. This understanding will guide you in creating a cohesive design that respects the character of your local architecture.

Tip 2: Complement, Don’t Contrast:

Work with local architects near you to develop a design that complements the existing structure. Incorporate elements from the original architecture into the extension, such as matching rooflines, window styles, or materials. This approach establishes visual cohesion and a seamless transition between the old and new sections of your home.

Tip 3: Seek Proportional Balance:

Ensure a proportional balance between the existing structure and the extension. Collaborate with local architects in Harrogate, Kent or London to assess scale and massing, avoiding an overpowering or disproportionate design. Their expertise will help create a visually pleasing and harmonious integration.

new 3-bedroom single storey home in Upper Hopton

Tip 4: Material Selection:

Choose materials that seamlessly integrate with the existing ones in Harrogate, Kent or London. Work with local architects familiar with local materials and architectural styles. Consider matching or complementing original materials, such as brick, stone, or timber, for a unified aesthetic that blends old and new seamlessly.

oak cladding - Architecture and Design

Tip 5: Pay Attention to Details:

We understand the significance of small details in blending old and new. Focus on architectural details like cornices, mouldings, or decorative elements, ensuring a smooth transition from the existing structure to the extension. Consistency in these finer details enhances the overall coherence of your design.

designing the perfect Architectural house extension

Tip 6: Embrace Transitional Spaces:

Explore the inclusion of transitional spaces, such as atriums, courtyards, or glazed connectors, in collaboration with local architects. These areas serve as elegant bridges between the old and new, allowing natural light to flow through both sections while visually connecting them.

Tip 7: Seek Professional Expertise:

Consult local architects near you experienced in blending old and new architecture in Harrogate, Kent or London. Their expertise ensures a thoughtful and cohesive design that respects the integrity of the original structure while seamlessly incorporating your desired extension.

Ready to begin your extension project in Harrogate, Kent or London? Contact your local architecture firm to receive guidance and expertise in creating a harmonious, locally-inspired space that combines the best of both worlds. Start your journey towards the perfect extension today with our architecture firm near you in Harrogate, Kent or London!

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