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House extension Leeds

Huge transformation House Extension

Client Brief

We were approached by our client for an extremely exciting architectural project for a house extension in Leeds. Having recently relocated from London back to their hometown, our client was keen on a high-end luxury designed home extension. The project would require carefully considered concept design, a difficult planning permission application, and an extensive refurbishment and extension budget.


With the client’s vision in mind, we embarked on the task of planning the concept design.  Taking into account their specific requirements and aspirations. In order to bring their high-end luxury design to life, we ensured that every detail was carefully considered and incorporated into the plans.

Planning Application

The next step was to tackle the challenging house extension planning permission application. We knew that obtaining the necessary approvals would be a crucial aspect of the project. By conducting thorough research and collaborating closely with our team, we prepared a comprehensive application that addressed all relevant regulations and guidelines.


Managing the extensive refurbishment and extension budget was also a key factor in the success of the project. We meticulously analyzed the costs involved and worked closely with our client to establish a realistic budget that would allow us to achieve their desired high-end design while staying within their financial constraints.


By prioritizing effective communication, attention to detail, and expertise in architectural design, we were able to successfully navigate the complex process of planning permission and secure the necessary approvals for the project.


Our client’s exciting architectural project for a house extension in Leeds required meticulous consideration of the concept design. By carefully analyzing their vision and objectives, we embarked on the task of transforming their ideas into a tangible plan. Additionally, we needed to navigate the challenging planning permission application, ensuring compliance with regulations and architectural guidelines. This required careful attention to detail and effective communication throughout the process.


Moreover, managing the extensive refurbishment and extension budget was a crucial aspect of the project’s success. Through our expertise and dedication, we were able to strategically allocate resources, ensuring that the client’s high-end luxury design was achievable while staying within their financial constraints.


Existing House Plans

The purchased house had an existing layout that lacked careful consideration, resulting in small extensions being added without addressing the underlying issue. However, the client wanted a comprehensive transformation of the layout, aiming for a modern and spacious family home. Leveraging our expertise in architecture and design, we developed a plan for house extensions and layout modifications to meet their requirements.


Planning Consent

Once we finalized the house extension design, we meticulously prepared and submitted a planning application to Leeds City Council, ensuring compliance with building regulations and architectural guidelines. Unfortunately, the application encountered substantial opposition from neighbors, resulting in the council escalating the decision-making process to a committee review. However, we were determined to overcome this hurdle and worked closely with our client and the council to find a resolution. Through collaboration and careful consideration, we made minor adjustments to the application, specifically addressing the concerns raised and ensuring strict compliance with planning permission guidelines. Ultimately, our efforts paid off as the committee voted 10-1 in favor of granting planning permission for this luxurious house extension. This outcome marked a significant milestone in the project, allowing us to proceed with confidence and bring our client’s vision to life.


With the necessary house extension approvals in place, we began construction and renovation work on the property, guided by our commitment to architectural excellence. The project encompasses various aspects of home improvement and modernization, driven by a thoughtful architectural approach. The house extensions will significantly increase the square footage of the house, transforming it into a spacious and functional dwelling. Our architectural design incorporates contemporary elements, such as sleek white render finish, split face stone, and cedar cladding, achieving a modern aesthetic that harmonizes with the surrounding environment. To optimize the picturesque views, we strategically introduced larger window openings, allowing abundant natural light and capturing breathtaking vistas of Eccup Reservoir and the surrounding countryside.


Architectural Design

Inside the house extension, meticulous attention to architectural detail is evident in the interior finishing. Notably, striking architectural features include floating oak staircases adorned with black vertical slats, which add elegance and sophistication to the space. Additionally, the strategic placement of internal Crittal screens in the reception, kitchen, and office areas enhances visual appeal while creating distinct zones within the home. This thoughtful approach optimizes the flow and functionality of the living spaces.

The architectural house extension design extends seamlessly to the master bedroom, which boasts double-height ceilings reaching an impressive 5.5m. This architectural choice creates a sense of grandeur and architectural drama, elevating the room’s aesthetic appeal. The master bedroom is thoughtfully accompanied by a separate en-suite and dressing room, meticulously designed to provide privacy, luxury, and functional comfort.


Spacious Layout

Moving on to the family bathroom, we can witness the team’s architectural creativity at its finest. The spacious layout of the bathroom, coupled with the strategic placement of a stone resin bath near a substantial picture window.  Creates a remarkable feature. This positioning not only provides ample space for relaxation but also offers a serene view of the garden and Eccup Reservoir. By integrating the breathtaking natural surroundings into the bathing experience, we have achieved a seamless harmony between the interior space and the picturesque outdoor environment.

In summary, the interior finishing within the house reflects meticulous attention to architectural detail. The floating oak staircases, internal Crittal screens, and double-height ceilings in the master bedroom all contribute to the overall elegance and grandeur of the space. The family bathroom, with its spacious layout and strategically positioned stone resin bath, offers a serene retreat with captivating views.

On the second floor, a guest room with an en-suite and an inset balcony provides a tranquil retreat, while the remaining loft space has been transformed into a gym, reflecting the intersection of architectural aesthetics and health-conscious living.



Throughout the house extension construction process, we have maintained a steadfast commitment to architectural integrity.  Ensuring that the structural modifications and renovations adhere to the highest industry standards and comply with building regulations. Our goal is to deliver a contemporary, modern family home.  That not only exceeds our client’s expectations but also showcases the timeless beauty of architectural design, providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environment.


Key Ground Floor

  1. Double Garage
  2. Dining
  3. Entrance Hall
  4. Reception
  5. Utility
  6. WC
  7. Cloak
  8. Comms
  9. Living
  10. Office
  11. Kitchen
  12. Dining
  13. Window Seat

First Floor

  1. En-suite
  2. Dressing Room
  3. Bedroom
  4. Double height void over entrance
  5. Bedroom
  6. Bedroom
  7. Bedroom
  8. En-suite
  9. Family Bathroom
  10. Bedroom
  11. Master Bedroom
  12. Terrace
  13. Sedum Roof

Second Floor

  1. Gym
  2. Hall with Rooflights over
  3. Store
  4. Guest Bedroom
  5. Dressing
  6. En-suite
  7. Inset Balcony
Folded Concrete House - carter designs - architect Harrogate - Architecture and Design

New build Concrete House

Planning permission, building regulations and construction of this amazing 1 bedroom house.

An opportunity for a new build concrete house on backfill development.

Property Development

Martin Way was a significant development project for us as a design practice and for our clients as developers, with a focus on architectural transformation. Our client acquired three properties on Martin Way: No. 354, No. 356, and No. 358.

Rear Extension

Initially, No. 354 was a 1-bedroom flat, but we undertook architectural extensions by adding a loft conversion, resulting in the transformation of the flat into a 2-bedroom residence. For No. 356, an existing 3-bedroom house, we implemented architectural modifications, including a loft conversion, and a 6m  rear extension. Subsequently, we reconfigured the house into two separate flats, one featuring 3 bedrooms and the other comprising 2 bedrooms.

Loft Conversion

No. 358 underwent extensive architectural interventions, such as a loft conversion with a hip to gable, a two-storey side extension, and a 6m rear extension. The existing 3-bedroom house was then reimagined as three individual flats: a 3-bedroom flat, a 2-bedroom flat, and a studio apartment. Additionally, we subdivided the land to the rear of No. 358 to create a new 1-bedroom home. In total, these architectural developments resulted in the creation of seven new dwellings through a combination of change of use and new builds.

New Build

In this post, we will focus on the architectural design of the new build property located at the rear of No. 358 Martin Way. Ensuring access to the rear of the site necessitated the creation of a pathway through the converted flats. Architecturally, we designed an undercroft access path with a concealed entrance, seamlessly integrating it into the two-storey side extension. This landscaped pathway leads to the rear of the site, granting access to the entrance of the newly constructed house.

Concept Design & Planning permission

Our client’s vision was to create a distinct yet modern architectural expression for the new build house. In pursuit of this, we meticulously considered architectural materiality, scale, mass, and the local vernacular. The concept emerged to fashion the dwelling in the likeness of a garden wall and outbuilding.   Harmonizing with the adjacent flats. Given the proximity to the allotments, we capitalized on the design potential and proposed a folded concrete formwork.  That not only exhibited high thermal efficiency but also integrated the structure with the surrounding gardens through a green roof. Furthermore, the internal private garden was thoughtfully designed at a lowered level to foster an intimate ambiance. When conceiving the architectural design, we emphasized the garden aspect, incorporating trees and strategic planting to soften the architectural lines and seamlessly blend the building with its environment.


Internally, we selected materials that corresponded to the external architectural aesthetic. This included the integration of a sunken concrete seating area and the use of oak timber cladding and flooring.  Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are delighted to announce that all properties successfully obtained planning permission, completed construction, and have been sold.  Signifying the fulfilment of our architectural vision and the realization of an exceptional development project that includes the creation of a remarkable new build house.

ColdHarbour Lane

new build house

A site with potential for a new build house in South London, getting planning permission will not be easy.

Coldharbour Lane

Coldharbour Lane, renowned for its collection of grand Villas constructed around 1844, is located within the Loughborough Conservation Area. Currently divided into flats, the property features a spacious communal garden at the rear. Our client approached us for a feasibility study to see how we could provide a concept design and apply for planning permission.   Repurposing the existing garage structure at the back of the site into a modern 1-bedroom retirement home.

Site History

The history of the site reveals that the area south of Coldharbour Lane in Brixton was laid out circa 1844, likely designed by Henry Currey. This layout included several elegant standalone or paired villas. In the 1970s, Lambeth created a pleasant new park, known as Loughborough Park, which borders the area.

Planning Permission

Previously, the client obtained planning permission to construct garages at the rear of the site, with two of them already built. Our proposal aimed to utilize the existing garage structure while expanding it to create a 1-bedroom house. We carefully considered the potential overlooking from the existing flats and ensured that the new dwelling would be visually appealing from these apartments.

Architectural Design

Starting with the design of a typical pitched roof building, we skillfully transformed the scale, mass, and identity.  To seamlessly blend with the site’s shape, address privacy concerns, and harmonize with the surrounding architecture. Our proposals involved retaining a portion of the garage structure while partially removing walls to accommodate a new extension.  An extension that would meet the minimum space standards on this constrained site.


In terms of design, the new build house will feature stock brick and cedar cladding.  Which are commonly found materials in the vicinity, maintaining architectural coherence with the local area. These choices not only establish a visual link but also provide screening from the adjacent apartments. Additionally, the incorporation of a green roof seamlessly integrates the structure into the garden space, enhancing the outlook for the apartments and contributing to the overall aesthetic of the Conservation Area.

Spacial Design

Internally, we strategically designed the bedroom to have direct access to the private garden area. The dwelling includes a bathroom and an open-plan living area with level threshold access.  Prioritizing privacy, maximizing natural light, and providing delightful views of the enclosed private garden. Furthermore, the property is future-proofed to cater to the needs of elderly or disabled occupants.

The new dwelling seamlessly fits within the spacious grounds of the rear garden, utilizing materials that are sensitive to the Conservation Area and the surrounding buildings. The proposed scale, form, and material palette artfully merge the dwelling into its natural surroundings, ensuring that it becomes a welcomed addition to the area.