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Flat Conversion

One Bedroom Apartments

Situated in the vibrant vicinity of Silicone Roundabout (Old Street) and the Shoreditch Triangle, this former office and warehouse underwent a remarkable architectural transformation, emerging as a collection of stunning residential units through a flat conversion. This conversion process resulted in the creation of three one-bedroom apartments and one two-bedroom apartment, instantly tripling the value of the site. The impeccable finish of both the apartments and office space serves as a testament to the exceptional architectural quality of the development, further highlighting its highly sought-after location.

Victorian Warehouse

Originally part of a terrace, this three-story building retained the architectural charm of a Victorian workshop and warehouse. In order to comply with planning requirements and preserve employment opportunities, the existing ground floor was ingeniously partitioned, creating a mezzanine level. As a result, the ground floor now offers 1550 sqft of modern office space, perfectly positioned in the thriving Shoreditch district.

Architectural Features

The upper floors of the building underwent an impressive architectural flat conversion, resulting in elegant flats that boast captivating views and abundant natural light, thanks to the generous Victorian warehouse windows. Whenever possible, the original Victorian architectural features were carefully preserved and restored, showcasing ornate ironwork and exposed timber soffits. Exposing the existing timber soffits posed a significant challenge due to the need for fire separation between each flat conversion. However, extensive research and unwavering determination led to a solution that allowed the joists to remain exposed while meeting the stringent requirements of Building Control.

Planning Permission

To maximize space within the site’s constraints, ingenious measures were taken to incorporate external roof terraces, providing coveted outdoor amenity space for the majority of flats. These well-designed roof terraces offer residents a valuable extension of their living space, allowing for outdoor relaxation, entertainment, and breathtaking views. By utilizing the available roof area, we were able to create functional and enjoyable outdoor spaces that enhance the overall living experience for the residents.


Additionally, the loft area was architecturally converted, resulting in split-level configurations for Flats 3 and 4, utilizing the stepped facade at the rear of the building. The original king post trusses, which showcase the building’s rich architectural history, were proudly exposed, adding character and narrative to the space. Moreover, each apartment exceeds the minimum space standards, offering a spacious and light-filled architectural environment where period features seamlessly blend with modern finishes. This exceptional location provided the ideal canvas for creating residences that harmoniously combine architectural heritage and contemporary design, resulting in captivating living spaces that truly embody the best of both worlds.

Warehouse Conversion

Warehouse conversions hold a special place in our architectural hearts as they present an abundance of captivating features waiting to be exposed and celebrated. They provide an opportunity to explore intriguing architectural layouts while honoring the building’s architectural heritage. In this particular architectural project, the fusion of historic charm and thoughtful design resulted in exceptional living spaces that captivate and inspire.


Proposed Ground

1. Residential Entrance
2. Refuse Store
3. Services
4. Office Reception
5. Residential Stair
6. WC
7. Kitchen
8. Office


Proposed First

1. Residential Stair
2. Lobby
3. Flat 1 Hall
4. Bedroom
5. Kitchen/Dining/Living
6. Bathroom
7. Flat 2 Hall
8. Utility
9. WC
10. En-suite
11. Bedroom
12. Kitchen/Dining/Living


Proposed Second

1. Residential Stair
2. Lobby
3. Flat 3 Hall
4. Bedroom
5. Bedroom
6. En-suite
7. Bathroom
8. Kitchen/Dining/Living
9. Terrace
10. Flat 4 Hall
11. WC
12. Kitchen/Dining/Living
13. Terrace


Proposed Second

1. Flat 4 stair
2. Bedroom
3. En-suite
4. Flat 3 Stair
5. Bedroom
6. En-suite