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New build Concrete House

Planning permission, building regulations and construction of this amazing 1 bedroom house.

An opportunity for a new build concrete house on backfill development.

Property Development

Martin Way was a significant development project for us as a design practice and for our clients as developers, with a focus on architectural transformation. Our client acquired three properties on Martin Way: No. 354, No. 356, and No. 358.

Rear Extension

Initially, No. 354 was a 1-bedroom flat, but we undertook architectural extensions by adding a loft conversion, resulting in the transformation of the flat into a 2-bedroom residence. For No. 356, an existing 3-bedroom house, we implemented architectural modifications, including a loft conversion, and a 6m  rear extension. Subsequently, we reconfigured the house into two separate flats, one featuring 3 bedrooms and the other comprising 2 bedrooms.

Loft Conversion

No. 358 underwent extensive architectural interventions, such as a loft conversion with a hip to gable, a two-storey side extension, and a 6m rear extension. The existing 3-bedroom house was then reimagined as three individual flats: a 3-bedroom flat, a 2-bedroom flat, and a studio apartment. Additionally, we subdivided the land to the rear of No. 358 to create a new 1-bedroom home. In total, these architectural developments resulted in the creation of seven new dwellings through a combination of change of use and new builds.

New Build

In this post, we will focus on the architectural design of the new build property located at the rear of No. 358 Martin Way. Ensuring access to the rear of the site necessitated the creation of a pathway through the converted flats. Architecturally, we designed an undercroft access path with a concealed entrance, seamlessly integrating it into the two-storey side extension. This landscaped pathway leads to the rear of the site, granting access to the entrance of the newly constructed house.

Concept Design & Planning permission

Our client’s vision was to create a distinct yet modern architectural expression for the new build house. In pursuit of this, we meticulously considered architectural materiality, scale, mass, and the local vernacular. The concept emerged to fashion the dwelling in the likeness of a garden wall and outbuilding.   Harmonizing with the adjacent flats. Given the proximity to the allotments, we capitalized on the design potential and proposed a folded concrete formwork.  That not only exhibited high thermal efficiency but also integrated the structure with the surrounding gardens through a green roof. Furthermore, the internal private garden was thoughtfully designed at a lowered level to foster an intimate ambiance. When conceiving the architectural design, we emphasized the garden aspect, incorporating trees and strategic planting to soften the architectural lines and seamlessly blend the building with its environment.


Internally, we selected materials that corresponded to the external architectural aesthetic. This included the integration of a sunken concrete seating area and the use of oak timber cladding and flooring.  Creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. We are delighted to announce that all properties successfully obtained planning permission, completed construction, and have been sold.  Signifying the fulfilment of our architectural vision and the realization of an exceptional development project that includes the creation of a remarkable new build house.