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rear extension and loft conversion

This original Victorian house had remained largely untouched until our clients recently acquired it.  With the intention of imbuing it with their own unique identity. Our services were enlisted to guide them through the entire process.  From concept design, planning permission to completion, encompassing a loft conversion, a rear extension, and internal reconfiguration.

Design Proposal

The ground floor of the existing layout comprised a small galley kitchen, a spacious dining room, and no WC facilities. To address this, we implemented a single-storey rear extension, effectively combining the kitchen and dining room, thereby creating a generous open-plan kitchen-dining area. Consequently, this design adjustment not only provided more space but also allowed for the inclusion of a much-needed WC. Moreover, we recognized that separate dining rooms often go unused, becoming neglected spaces over time.

With this in mind, our primary objective for the rear extension was to create a kitchen-dining area that seamlessly integrates social interaction with functionality. This single-storey rear extension gracefully incorporates a compact, low-maintenance garden, further enhancing its appeal. By incorporating minimalist sliding doors, as well as Velux windows and skylights, we successfully establish a seamless connection between the rear extension and the garden, providing easy access while allowing ample natural light to flood the extended space.

The light tones of the shaker panel kitchen and polished concrete floor beautifully harmonize with the exposed stock brickwork, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing combination. We took a thoughtful approach by opening up access while simultaneously retaining and restoring the original Victorian features.   Thereby paying homage to the property’s inherent character. Shifting our focus to the first floor, we made minimal changes to the layout.  Primarily to facilitate access to the loft conversion. Notably, the only refurbishment carried out was in the existing bathroom. Rather than opting for a complete replacement of the original gravity-fed Victorian toilet with a modern WC  We carefully sandblasted, repaired, and resprayed the original ironworks, ensuring the preservation of the property’s historical charm.

Loft Conversion

Ascending to the loft conversion, our clients expressed a desire for a master bedroom with an en-suite.  The floor is raised for structural integrity, while the roof has been lowered to accommodate sufficient insulation. By incorporating a roof extension, including dormer conversion with Velux windows, we maximized the volume of the loft space.  Drawing inspiration from hotels to create an open-plan arrangement for the en-suite and bedroom.

The wall separating the bed from the en-suite provides privacy to the bathroom, and by detaching it from the ceiling, we achieved a sense of openness and enhanced natural light. The shower and toilet, enclosed in mirrored cubicles with manifestations that offer additional privacy.  A large roll-top Victorian-styled bath beneath Velux windows. From the bed, panoramic views of London unfold through a wide window.   While strategically placed Velux windows further amplify the influx of natural light and ventilation in the loft space.

The carefully selected palette of materials and finishes, the loft space achieved through roof structure modification, and the discerning touches added by the client captivate us.  Elevating this loft conversion, roof extension, and rear extension to stand out among its peers. We have designed it to adhere to insulation standards and building regulations, while also ensuring we obtained the necessary planning permission for this remarkable transformation.


Ben Pipe

Main Contractor

Maxfort Construction


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