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Flat Refurbishment Tooting Bec

Dont Move, Improve

The successful completion of this flat refurbishment project serves as a compelling example of the “don’t move, improve” mantra.   Showcasing how existing spaces can be transformed to meet evolving needs. The initial 1-bedroom apartment underwent a creative reconfiguration.  Skillfully designed to provide a spacious 2-bedroom flat without the need for an extension. Rather than searching for new housing options, the family, who recently welcomed a baby, recognized the potential of their existing 1-bedroom flat in Tooting Bec.  Considering its desirable location with convenient transport links, proximity to the tube station, Tooting Bec Common, bars, and restaurants.

However, the flat’s location on the top floor of a converted terrace house presented unique challenges. The original split-level layout did not optimize maximum space utilization. The kitchen, characterized by a dated design and limited natural light from a small rooflight, needed significant improvement. Furthermore, a substantial portion of the available space was occupied by a large dressing area, resulting in inefficient use of square footage. In contrast, the living area suffered from an L-shaped configuration, leading to wasted dead space. Nevertheless, the main bedroom showcased a generous size, and the lower level benefited from an abundance of natural light and captivating views through the expansive sash windows.

Flat Reconfiguration

Rather than succumbing to the pressures of the competitive London housing market and embarking on the challenging journey of finding a new home, the family decided to undertake a comprehensive layout reconfiguration. It is worth noting that during this process, seeking permission from other freeholders or leaseholders for any internal alterations that may require a license of alteration is highly recommended. Consulting with a knowledgeable property solicitor ensures compliance with legal requirements.

The architectural design team meticulously considered the existing structure, plumbing, and layout to devise an optimal plan. Additionally, by swapping the positions of the living and kitchen areas, the higher level of the flat was effectively optimized. Consequently, valuable space within the L-shaped living room was freed up, allowing for the inclusion of a family bathroom and a second bedroom. Leveraging the presence of an existing soil vent pipe at the rear of the property, the bathroom could be situated in an entirely new location. As a result, the resulting configuration showcased spacious bedrooms that received ample natural light. Offering picturesque views, while the family bathroom also benefited from the large sash windows. To further enhance the overall lighting and ambiance, new rooflights were skillfully installed above the kitchen area, with an additional four large rooflights gracing the new living area.

Custom Storage Design

Recognizing the importance of efficient storage solutions, the team made use of the existing eaves storage to create a bespoke seating area, featuring an impressive 2.7m x 1m sofa. This carefully crafted furniture arrangement not only optimized space within the living area but also added a touch of elegance and comfort. Furthermore, we seamlessly integrated bespoke wardrobes into the bedrooms, effectively replacing the previously lost dressing area. The result was a flat that now boasts custom fitted wardrobes and furniture, elevating both its functionality and aesthetic appeal. Notably, the upper level flooring received special attention, with the installation of Dinesen Douglas Fir planks, imparting a sense of minimalism and contemporary design to the space.

By providing fixed furniture, an additional bedroom, and improved circulation space, this revamped flat fulfills the needs of the small family in London while also holding great potential for the rental market. The project’s innovative ideas, clean and calming decor, and effective space optimization make it truly stand out. Furthermore, the majority of the renovation work focused on the internal areas significantly streamlining the planning permission process.  Only the installation of rooflight windows requiring approval from Wandsworth Council.

Key – Existing

  1. Eaves Storage
  2. Rooflight
  3. Kitchen
  4. Upper Hall
  5. Dressing
  6. Bathroom
  7. Master Bedroom

Key – Proposed

  1. Bedroom
  2. Lower Hall
  3. Bathroom
  4. Master Bedroom
  5. Kitchen
  6. Upper Hall
  7. Living
  8. Bespoke Sofa
  9. Eaves Storage

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