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transform a small studio flat

.Flat Extension

If you have a desire to convert a compact studio flat into a spacious and modern living space, the existing 1-bedroom studio located between Streatham and Tooting Bec poses notable size constraints, measuring just 33m2.. The layout was inefficient, with an awkwardly positioned double bed and a small kitchen area lacking appliances and natural light. To overcome these challenges and explore extension options, a comprehensive renovation plan was developed.


Design Solution

By adding a rear extension integrating two bedrooms with an en-suite and access to a private courtyard, we significantly increased the usable space and improved functionality. Moreover, on the upper ground floor (1st floor), an open-plan kitchen, living, and dining area was thoughtfully designed.  Maximizing natural light, ensuring ample illumination throughout the space, and create an inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and socialization. The inclusion of large windows, including a bi-fold window, establishes a seamless connection with the outdoors, enhancing the sense of space and livability.


Furthermore, on the upper ground floor (1st floor), a meticulously designed open-plan kitchen, living, and dining area takes center stage. The aim was to maximize natural light and create an inviting atmosphere. The inclusion of large windows, including a bi-fold window, plays a pivotal role in establishing a seamless connection with the outdoors, thereby further enhancing the sense of space and livability within the area.


Architectural Design

Prepare to be impressed as you enter the property, where a strategically designed double-height space awaits, harnessing abundant natural light and creating a dramatic entrance. This architectural feature not only adds to the overall sense of spaciousness and openness but also leaves a lasting impression.


Furthermore, the transformation and extension of this studio flat into a bright, modern house.  Increased the total floor area to 70m2, providing ample room for comfortable living. Additionally, our careful attention to scale, massing, and privacy ensures a harmonious integration of the new elements with the existing building. The choice of materials, including London stock brick and black aluminum windows with lining detail.  Allows for a seamless blend with the local surroundings. Moreover, the addition of a green roof enhances the property’s aesthetics and environmental sustainability, seamlessly merging with the communal gardens and local vernacular.

Facade Design

Through thoughtful design, meticulous attention to detail, and a thorough exploration of extension possibilities, we successfully addressed the spatial constraints of the original studio. As a result, we created a welcoming and harmonious space that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings, blending in effortlessly with the existing environment.. This project exemplifies how sensitive treatment of scale, massing, façade design.  Extension design options can result in a beautiful and functional living environment that meets your needs and aspirations.


Lower Ground Floor Plan

  1. Private Courtyard
  2. Master Bedroom
  3. Hall
  4. En-suite
  5. Bathroom
  6. Bedroom
  7. Entrance


Upper Ground/First Floor Plan

  1. Void forming double height space
  2. Kitchen
  3. Living/Dining Area
  4. views onto courtyard below

Concept Design, House Extension, Planning Permission, Feasibility