Two Storey House Extension and Refurbishment Sevenoaks

Experience a stunning two-storey house extension and refurbishment nestled within expansive grounds in the Green Belt. Discover how our transformative design can elevate your living space.


The grounds once housed a magnificent Victorian manor house. Unfortunately, it was bombed during World War II, resulting in the division of the estate. Several properties now stand on the land. Notably, Beechmont Hall, Little Beechmont, and our proposed site, Beechmont, an architecturally designed dwelling constructed in the late 1960s. Its 10-acre plot is in dire need of an update. The existing structure boasts dark stained timber cladding, brick, and stone facades. In 1989, a conservatory was added, and the accommodation spans three stories, totaling just over 3,890 square feet. Over the years, various proposals have been submitted for planning permission to the Sevenoaks District Council’s website.

Climate Crisis Considerations

Our proposed plan aims to demolish the current 29-square-meter conservatory, replacing it with a new architecturally designed side extension. This extension will partially extend over the existing garage. To enhance energy efficiency, we also plan to replace the glass of the east-side roof terrace with a frameless glazing system. The western extension focuses on creating symmetrical lines with identical window openings and a roof terrace. Additionally, a small 1.2-meter extension will be added to the existing porch, improving the home’s entry and providing extra storage. Internally, the layouts will be opened up and reconfigured to optimize living accommodations.

Given the urgency of the climate crisis, it’s crucial to enhance homes and reduce carbon emissions. While the original house was well-designed for cross ventilation, its external walls are relatively thin, measuring just 120mm. These thin walls provide minimal insulation during winter and allow excessive heat during hotter months.

Proposed Changes

To address the dated appearance of the existing dwelling, our plan includes removing the current cladding and brickwork. This will provide an opportunity to add high-performance insulation, significantly improving thermal efficiency while enhancing aesthetics. Outdated brickwork will be replaced with elongated bricks for the ground floor, and treated timber cladding will replace the existing horizontal banding. A polished render or concrete finish will create cleaner architectural lines and a more refined appearance. The existing windows will be upgraded with high-performance glazing units, achieving a much higher u-value. Moreover, we will utilize the existing flat roof for new photovoltaic panels, further improving the dwelling’s carbon footprint.

The site, located within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Green Belt, demands careful consideration of the host building and its surroundings. Our proposed plan ensures a sympathetic architectural design, minimizing the visual impact of the changes. The removal of the existing conservatory offsets the increase in area, while the new extension harmonizes aesthetically with the existing structure. Shielded by trees and hedges, the project’s scale and mass will have minimal impact due to the removal of a portion of the existing building to accommodate the new areas.

Extension Design

Our design aims to significantly enhance the dwelling’s visual appeal while making substantial improvements in reducing carbon emissions. The extension blends seamlessly with the original dwelling, creating a symmetrical form. Contemporary materials, of high quality, complement the existing house perfectly. Neighboring properties are minimally affected due to extensive screening from trees and hedges. Removing the existing conservatory is a significant aesthetic improvement. The proposed alterations provide improved living accommodations and sustainable development. Enhanced insulation ensures superior thermal performance, while the addition of solar panels on the existing roof leads to significant energy savings. We eagerly anticipate commencing this exciting project soon on-site.